Onyx Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

Onyx marble effect wall and floor Porcelain tile, known as Onice, presenting a realistic Black Onyx Marble look with gentle marble veins uniformly scattered across the surface of these porcelain tiles.

The veining, combined with three distinct base colors—white, beige, and sky blue Onyx—over the glossy or polished Porcelain surface, ensures a guaranteed luxurious aesthetic. Additionally, rectified edges contribute to a uniform appearance with minimal grout lines throughout the floor space.

These Glossy Polished Porcelain Tiles are available in a 60x120 cm format, featuring variations in 6 different graphical faces. Perfect for creating a stunning Onyx marble look-alike in bathrooms and kitchens, these tiles add richness and elegance. Extend the use of Onice as feature walls in living areas, hallways, and hotel reception spaces in commercial premises, elevating every corner with sophistication.