Work Marble Porcelain Tiles

The Work range is one of the closest of the ranges to the Cement or Concrete Effect Porcelain Tiles which is made to look like Real Cement. With the real textures and patterns of real Cement, Work is proud to be available in styles namely Mosaico and Hexawork, mainly in bianco, taupe and coal colours. The finishes are mainly Satin matte and matte Brushed Cement both of which give the real luxurious look and feel of Contemporary Architectural Cement. Due to its unique look, it is the most preferred range by Architects and Interior Designers widely used in any indoor space.

This Luxurious range can be widely used in Living rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Entrance Hallways and is specially preferred to be used in Design Studios or Architectural Workspaces. All the above ranges style themselves in decorative designs i.e. Mosaico and Hexawork – mix and natural patterns on their surfaces specially making them elegant enough to be used as Feature Walls.

All the Wabi Sabi styles are made to be available in 120 x 120 cms, 60 x 120 cms and 90 x 90 cms and 60 x 60 cms.