Oxyd Jewel Porcelain Tiles

Oxyd Jewel happens to be one of the most Luxurious marble effect Porcelain wall and floor tiles featuring a very distinctive range of white Italian marble with gold and brown veining. This special Marble range has a very peculiar luxurious gold pattern against a white base that creates a very gentle contrast of veins scattered everywhere across the entire surface of the tile.

The elegant Oxyd Jewel comes in two finishes of Glossy or Polished and Matt surfaces. Due to the Grand marble look-alike surface, the Polished and matt porcelains can be used widely as Bathroom and kitchen Wall and floor tiles. In Bathrooms, these polished Onyx tiles on the walls can be easily matched with Matt tiles for the flooring which blends as one to give that harmonious look and feel to the décor.

These Glossy Polished Porcelain Tiles come in 60 x 120 cm sized format with variation in 12 different graphical faces mainly to be used for Onyx marble look-alike porcelain Bathroom and kitchen wall and floor tiles. Due to its richness and elegance, it can also be used as feature walls in living and hallway areas and hotel reception spaces of commercial premises.