Alpi Green Marble Porcelain Tiles

Transport yourself to the breathtaking beauty of the Apuan Alps with Alpi Green, a refined Marble Porcelain Stone capturing the essence of Tuscany's most stunning mountains. Renowned globally for the exquisite marble extracted from their quarries throughout history, the Apuan Alps provide a majestic backdrop.

Alpi Green boasts sophistication and elegance, featuring a diverse range of green hues, from intense tones to delicately veined tiles with a touch of Jade. Available in various sizes, including 120x260 cm, 120x60 cm, 60x60 cm, and 30x50 cm, this porcelain stone is exclusively offered in polished surfaces to showcase its captivating veining pattern.

Perfect for enhancing Living Rooms, creating Feature Walls, adding allure to Kitchen Splashbacks, elevating Bathroom Walls, and making a statement in Entrance Hallways. Experience the grandeur of Alpi Green by booking a viewing at our London display. Call today to immerse yourself in the majesty of this exquisite porcelain stone.