Naxos Effect Marble Porcelain Tiles

Explore the Naxos range, a leading collection that closely mimics Cement or Concrete Effect marble Porcelain Tiles, meticulously crafted to mirror the authenticity of Real Cement. Boasting genuine textures and patterns, Naxos proudly introduces styles like plain Cement Concrete, primarily offered in white, grey, and sea foam hues. The finish options include matte and Satin matte, delivering the luxurious and contemporary architectural feel of authentic Cement. This unique range stands out as the top choice for Architects and Interior Designers, widely embraced for enhancing various indoor spaces.

This Luxurious range finds versatile applications in Living rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Entrance Hallways, and is especially favored for Design Studios or Architectural Workspaces.

Naxos is available in the sizes of 60 x 120 cms, offering flexibility in design and layout preferences. Elevate your interiors with the luxurious and contemporary aesthetic of Naxos, the preferred range for its realistic Cement-like appearance, catering to the preferences of design professionals and enthusiasts.