Flow Style Marble Porcelain Tiles

Discover the subtle elegance of the Flow style within our Cement range, offering the most refined forms of Cement or concrete effect marble Porcelain tiles. Embrace neutral tones with Flow Mist, Flow White, and Flow Dove Porcelain tiles, creating a serene and sophisticated ambiance. The Prismatic style introduces marble Porcelain tiles with elegant geometrical patterns that seamlessly complement the neutral-colored Porcelain Tiles.

In addition to these, the Cement range features geometric ENEA-styled White, Pearl, and Cream tiles, perfect for creating Feature Walls in Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Entrance Hallways. The Décor style, exclusively designed for kitchens, adds a unique touch with its geometrical patterns, serving as exceptional Feature Walls.

Available in the size of 33.3 x 90 cms, Flow tiles contribute to the illusion of a larger room due to their elongated size. Elevate your living spaces with the sophisticated design of Flow Cement or Concrete Effect Porcelain tiles. Explore the versatility of geometric patterns and create a stylish and designer look in your home.